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 About Us

The Club is a non-religious, non-political and non-profiting making organisation, and membership is open to women of all nationalities.

Our members are a mixture of:

- “Long termers”, many married to Germans
- “Short termers”, here because of temporary job postings
- Professional women, homemakers, retirees, employees, freelancers, newlyweds, singles, artists, students, new mothers, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.

The spoken language of AGIWA is English.

AGIWA is affiliated with the Welcome Clubs International. 

AGIWA provides a social network for women of many nations living in Hamburg, while its core of German members lends to stability to an otherwise changing membership.


Our Committee Ladies

Chairwoman / Editor
Susan Lau
Vice Chairwoman / Event Coordinator
Geysa Wiemann
Ursula Wegehenkel
Ursel Schlunk
Membership Secretary
Virginia Hillegaart
WCI Liaison
Paulette Seibert
Committee Members
Sigrid Grafe
Stella M. Schumann
Anke Siegfried


Join Us! 

Membership is offered to all women interested in the aims of the Association, but our constitution requires a balance of German and International members.


As a member of AGIWA you can attend all the monthly and on-going activities. You will receive the bi-monthly newsletter about upcoming activities and member news. As a new member you will also receive a membership directory.


Last but not least, you can vote to elect the Board once a year, stand for election on the Board and become a committee member.


The club year runs from Sept. 1st to Aug. 31st.


The annual subscription is € 40.


          Please contact our membership secretary on:  



Membership Numbers

Our club totals 152 members. You may be interested to know that this includes 40% German and 60% made up of over 30 nationalities. For example, we have 16% British, 3% American, Canadian, Swedish and Japanese members.


Long may we continue to be multi-cultural! 





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